you snap out of it.

now that you're back in reality, you realize an open sky is hanging above your head.

more concerning, however, is the fact that you've wandered chest deep into the goo without realizing it. you're beginning to suspect that perhaps this goo has a more sinister purpose.

you're completely engulfed in it, like a sailor lost at sea. only in this case his ship was not capsized. he instead foolishly leapt overboard at the song of a siren.

the goo is getting thicker and its pulse stronger. it's becoming tiring to try and keep wading through. you're walking slowly with small hops similar to the way someone tries to walk in water that's a bit too deep for them.

your eyes begin to drift away from the goo as you look around. steep slopes covered in trees surround you. it seems that the goo has made its home in a valley.

you search atop the slopes for a savior. anything you can latch to to try and escape the endless ocean around you.

ahead, you see the slime converging into a whirlpool.