you continue.

you are now ankle deep in mud. every time you move your feet they make a sort of squelching noise. it's quite repulsive.

the cave has now expanded into a jungle so wide you can no longer see the walls around you, only the vibrant green of leaves as far as the eye can see.

the only indication that you're in a cave at all is the ceiling. fortunantely, it is now high enough to the point where even trees can grow upright.

the air is heavy and feels as though it's trying to smother you. it's so warm your brow is dripping with sweat.

the path narrows and before you know it, it has completely vanished from beneath your feet. you're now knee deep in foilage.

you rest your hand on a tree trunk to find it completely covered in a pink goo that seems to be moving on its own.

it feels as though your hand is covered in jelly but the kind that still has little chunks of fruit in it.

despite it being so gelatinous, you flick it off your hand with ease.

there's a line of trees covered in the goop trailing off into the distance.

while you were gazing at the trail of goo, you caught a flash of blue in the corner of your eye.

it's a stream with the bluest water you've ever seen. it may lead to a lake.

what do you do?

investigate the goo or follow the stream