you've been walking for so long that your eyes have long since adjusted to the dark.

the only thing keeping you company is the echo of your footsteps and the soft jangling in your knapsack.

the air in the cavern is thick and damp. it feels slightly suffocating even.

the temperture has remained constant for quite a while. you realize this is because you're so deep underground.

stalactites loom above your head.

they used to bother you, but now those feelings have been replaced with comfort.

you feel as if they're watching over you. an ever vigilant protector.

you've been walking for so long the bones in your legs ache. your knapsack feels like lead.

despite this, you continue forth. it is not safe to rest here.

you see a split up ahead.

towards your left you see the tunnel plunges deeper underground. it seems that it may be darker than the way you're going now.

you're slightly afraid, yet you somehow feel drawn to it.

the tunnel to your right eminates a faint glow. you think you may even hear a stream of water

which way do you go?

deeper underground or towards the glow